Footsie in the bathroom. So funny.

Male version

Female version


I have never laughed so much before!

Scrolling through Facebook, I see a comment on the papercutting group I am on saying that their top doesn’t fit, because their boobs are too big. Loads of other women started commenting about how they wish they had that problem and then one woman said that her boobs look like two aspirins on an ironing board! Laughing my head off, I decided to scroll through the rest of the comments. Another woman stated that at least they wouldn’t have spaniel ears when they are older and can trampoline braless, without getting a black eye. A woman replied to that stating ‘no, we’ll just have teabag tits instead.’

The ‘Hedgehog Spike’

I was so excited when my dad told me that he’d got a pet hedgehog. It was an albino named Ruddy. I went around a few days later to visit him with my boyfriend Tom. Whilst I stroked the spines gently, he shedded one, which I decided to keep. The cat, which had been sat on Tom’s lap stood up and I began to laugh when I noticed that it had one of the Hedgehog’s spines stuck up his bum hole! I told my dad’s girlfriend and she turned the cat upside down to pull it out. As she went to pull it out, it began to move. It wasn’t a spine, it was a worm! She grabbed her tweezers and pulled it out with them. It was gross!