15 Gift Ideas for Men

I can buy for women. My mum’s birthday – easy! Sister’s birthday – easy! Friend’s birthday – easy! Boyfriend’s birthday – no clue and the same goes for my dad too! I have spent the time to compile this list for anyone who is in the same boat as me and for myself in the future too! Because no matter how many years go by, buying for men never gets any easier.

  1. Chocolate – Sometimes I mix things up a bit by buying flavoured fudge, or a box of biscuits instead, but chocolate is usually a safe bet when it comes to men. Found out last year that my partner’s stepdad is diabetic, so he is now my biggest struggle when it comes to buying gifts.
  2. Games Console – If they don’t already have all the latest ones going. My boyfriend is a big gamer and the only chance I would have to get him a games console, is if one of his current ones broke.
  3. A Personalised Mouse Mat – Linking to the games console theme. I got my partner one with his gamer name on, although I haven’t seen it since…
  4. A Watch – Unfortunately for me my boyfriend doesn’t wear one and my dad has a very specific taste in watches, but most of my girl friends have bought their partners a watch at some point.
  5. Clothes – If you’re not 100% sure on their clothing taste, then don’t bother, otherwise it will end up in the back of the wardrobe, never to be seen again. I found out my boyfriend’s sizes by checking the labels on his clothes whilst he was in the shower (just a tip there!) Though I will admit that I accidently bought my dad the same pair of slippers for two years running – doh!
  6. Alcohol – The salted caramel vodka I bought my dad went down a treat this year. I wouldn’t bother with my partner though, as he has a stack of alcohol in the corner of his bedroom, that grows bigger each year. Alcohol is usually another safe bet, just like chocolate.
  7. Cologne – Although men do have different tastes – some more expensive than others. I checked out my boyfriend’s cologne by scoping his room for it, whilst he was in the shower (yes, once again) but I wouldn’t dare get any for my uncle, with his expensive taste. If you can’t afford cologne, what about their favourite body spray or shower gel?
  8. Cheeseboard and Cheese – Or maybe it’s just my dad who would appreciate this?
  9. A Keyring – I got my dad one for his birthday. It said ‘this daddy belongs to’ and then had all the names of his children on it. He really liked it! I also got him one when my nan died of a picture of her face etched into the metal, because I’m just that sentimental.
  10. A Boxset – my dad loves Black Sails and my partner loves The Walking Dead. Although I lent my partner one of my own boxsets three years ago and he’s only just given it back to me, without even watching it; I guess The Vampire Diaries isn’t for everyone.
  11. A Drone – Seriously though, what guy hasn’t imagined flying one of those? Or maybe the men I know are just strange…
  12. A Car – Yeah I doubt any of you will buy a car for your man, but we all know what men and their cars are like. On a serious note you could always get them accessories for their car: car air freshner, seatbelt covers, steering wheel cover, a car cleaning kit etc or if you’re really short on money, you can clean their car for them. SURPRISE!
  13. Books – if they’re into reading of course. My dad loves books, but my boyfriend hasn’t read one for years and I can’t think of a present that he’d hate more.
  14. Cuff links – Although I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the ones I bought my partner last year since he received them…
  15. A Leather Flask – you could even get it personalised for them. I haven’t bought one of these before, so will keep this in mind to get my dad!

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