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About: Halloween night. The freaks are out and having the time of their lives. The kids of Greene Point High School have organized a massive bonfire out in the woods. One drunken teen suggests playing a game, a game called Truth or Dare. That’s always a fun game. Always good for a laugh. By the end of this night, nobody will be laughing. Alcohol, sex, deadly secrets, and oceans of blood await them. Do you dare to play?

TRUTH OR DARE is a shared-world horror anthology featuring the morbid writings of Joe McKinney, Nik Korpon, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jessica McHugh, Peter & Shannon Giglio, William Meikle, and many, many more.

My Review: This anthology starts with the writing of Richard Thomas, who includes a very short story of only a few pages long. He was definitely the right choice to start the anthology as he immediately draws the reader in by getting…

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35 Hauntingly Poetic Descriptions Of Living With Depression

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Holly Lay Holly Lay


The sadness will last forever.
—Vincent van Gogh


I bet if you cut open my stomach, the black slug of depression would slide out.
—Jasmine Warga


It’s not so much that I want to die as that I’m tired of living.
—Rynosuke Akutagawa


Everything was a broken line for me in those days. I was slipped into the empty spaces between words.
—Betsy Cornwell


The sun stopped shining for me is all. The whole story is: I am sad. I am sad all the time and the sadness is so heavy that I can’t get away from it. Not ever.
—Nina LaCour


Moonlight filtered in through the blinds illuminating their bedroom, but the bright glow couldn’t penetrate the darkness that surrounded her heart.
—J. E. B. Spredemann


I am living in a nightmare, from which from time to time I wake…

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12 Harrowing Online-Dating Encounters That Ended In Murder

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Anthony Fortunato (Kings County Sheriff's Department) Anthony Fortunato (Kings County Sheriff’s Department)

1. Man buries woman alive on their first date.

Mina El Hourai was a 25-year-old diabetic from France. She formed an online relationship on Facebook with a Moroccan man, and after a few months of flirting, she finally flew to Morocco to meet him in the late spring of 2014. During their first date at his residence, she lapsed into a diabetic coma and fell unconscious. Thinking she had died, her panicked would-be suitor buried her in his back garden. Mina eventually suffocated to death under the packed dirt.

2. Woman bashed to death by a man with over 100 criminal convictions.

An Aussie woman named Sharon Siermans was the single mother of a four-year-old son when she met Jason John Dinsley online. What she didn’t know was that Dinsley had over 100 prior criminal convictions, including rape at knifepoint. After a first date…

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