The Car Park Cat

My phone rang and I answered it to the sound of my mum’s voice. She told me to grab one of our cat boxes and run up the road to meet her, so I did. There was a cat there purring in her arms. She told me how she caught some guy grab it and took it off of him. It had been wandering around a busy car park and employees there told us, that the cat was always there and it’s a wonder that it hasn’t been hit by a car yet. Mum ran home and got into her car, as we couldn’t get the cat in the cat box and drove up the road to me, whilst I was stood cuddling the cat. We put him into the car and drove him to the local vets. They searched for a micro chip to find his owners, but he didn’t have one. They told us that they couldn’t take the cat in and as we have two female cats and not much in the way of finance, mum didn’t think it was a good idea for us to take the cat home with us. We drove back to the car park and the boy was gone who had grabbed the cat. Mum took the cat in her arms and walked to a nearby housing estate and put it on the ground. I wish we could have given this cat a home.


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