Update on Tom

Tom has now phoned me a few times. Visiting hours are until 8, so if has to have his operation tomorrow, then I will be able to go see him today at 6, although if his operation is today, I’ll have to see him tomorrow instead, because I have to wait for my Grandad to finish work to take me.
He has a broken elbow and two fractures to his back. He needs surgery on his elbow, but his back will heal itself.
He swerved to avoid a driver, which was driving on his side of the road and ended up crashing into a tree. The tree was on a hill, going towards the edge of a cliff, so if the tree hadn’t of been there, he would’ve gone off the side of the cliff and died.
The driver drove off and left him there, however some people driving past saw his headlights and phoned the police.
The car was on top of him for around 45 minutes, before he was rescued.


Visit the link above, for when I first found out about the accident.


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