My ‘anywhere’ door.

My ‘anywhere’ door.

When picking my gadget, I ruled out a time machine straight away and ended up stuck between an anywhere door and an invisibility helmet. Teleportation has always intrigued me, so I was always leaning more towards this idea, but what was pulling me towards the invisibility helmet was that I could take it anywhere with me and it wouldn’t be affected if I move house!

I still ended up choosing the anywhere door though, because that would allow me to travel the world, avoid travel sickness and save on fuel/travel costs! Although with an invisibility helmet, I could get into places I’m not supposed to be in, my anywhere door would allow me to enter straight into these places without having to travel there first! And if you think about it, I will be able to save up for an invisibility helmet in time with all the fuel/travel costs that I’m saving from my anywhere door! Imagine being able to visit and know what is happening in area 51!


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