Birthday Presents!

So on Sunday I turned 20 years old! and have finally, reluctantly left my teenage years. Three of my birthday presents haven’t arrived yet. One is True Blood Season 6 DVD, one is my ring being fixed and the last one is a surprise! But irrelevant of that, I still received some really amazing presents.

As all of my presents from my mum haven’t arrived yet, she treated me to this jacket when we were out together on a shopping trip, despite the fact that she wasn’t too keen on it, but she could see that I really loved it and she did agree that it was me, once I tried it on!

My dad bought me these two CDs that I asked for. Christina Perri and Imagine Dragons.

And he also bought me this amazing painting of my favourite singer! (Gerard Way)

Amy bought me this book, as she knows that I love to write!

And then with my birthday money I bought myself two more CDs! Fall Out Boy and Bastille.

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