It all started off three days before my holiday to Cornwall at the age of 8/9, when I was around my nan’s house and decided to show off the new skill that I had learnt, which was how to make cups of tea. She told me no, but I kept going on and on until eventually she gave in and allowed me to make her one. I got a cup out of the cupboard, put a teabag into it and waited for the kettle to boil. Once the kettle had boiled, I began pouring water from the kettle into the cup. I must have poured the kettle too fast, as the next thing I know the water went into the cup and then back out and all over me. I screamed and ripped off my top, whilst my nan grabbed a cold flannel to try and cool it down. She spent the rest of the night holding a shower head over my scalded stomach, with cold water running out of it to cool my burns.

After going to A&E the next morning and getting my burns seen to, I was told that whilst on holiday I would have to go to a doctors to get my burn seen to again and I wouldn’t be able to go swimming. I spent the first day of the holiday sat on the side of the pool with my feet in the water, wishing I could just get in and swim around.

The next morning when I had to go to the doctors, me and my nan were discussing it over breakfast and we stopped one of the workers there to ask for help, who gave us numbers for the hospital and the closest taxi company. We finished up our breakfasts and were just about to go and get ready to call a taxi when a woman who was sat eating breakfast on the table next to use stopped us to talk to us. She told us how she heard about my burn and that I needed to go to the doctor and explained that she was in fact a nurse, who had brought her kit with her and if we waited downstairs, she would go to her room to get her stuff and see to my burn for me.

True to her word, she came back down with a first aid kit and started to clean and dress my burn. When she was finished she told me that she’d seen me sat on the side of the swimming pool unable to go in and had therefore put a waterproof dressing over my burn to allow me to swim! I never got her name, but thanks to that stranger I could enjoy the rest of my holiday being able to go in the swimming pool!

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