It’s my party!

It’s my party!

You hear about all of these sweet sixteenths and posh dinner parties where people all wear expensive clothes. Personally I prefer small parties, with my closest friends and family, because I can then enjoy myself more, as I am around people that I feel comfortable with and can be myself around.

I am more into gigs than partying, so I’d have some acoustic sessions in my back garden with my favourite bands, where we can all sit around and sing along or even have a little dance. The bands I would pick would be My Chemical Romance, The Pretty Reckless, Paramore, Imagine Dragons, You Me at Six, Panic! at The Disco, Fall Out Boy and The Script.

It would be when the sun is shining and there would be a table of cakes and sandwiches, as well as a little barbeque going on. There would be some alcohol, but not much as I don’t drink, but the drinks available would mostly be cans of fizzy drinks and orange and passion fruit J20s. The bands can then let loose after their performances and join in with the party, where I can talk to my favourite members and gather some autographs and photos with my favourite bands.

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