Take a chance

Take a chance

The chance that I took was back when I first started secondary school. My mum and I were close to being homeless, so we made the leap to move in with her new boyfriend, to try and have a life of stability, (they did stay together for eleven years.)

Due to the fact that we moved house, I left the area, meaning that I didn’t get into the school that I wanted to be in and had to consider the thought of having to make new friends. This was not easy for me, always the shy girl in the corner and I was so terrified of being on my own in this new school. The school that I wanted to be in was due to my friends being there and nothing more, but the school I was put into was considered academically the best in the area I lived.

I started at this new school, not knowing anybody and trying to fit in, whilst my mum went to meetings to try and get me moved school. Just as I began making friends, we got a letter to say that I got into the other school. This was where I had to make the big decision… Do I stay where I am, where I’m making new friends and where I will have a great education? or do I move to be with my friends? I chose the first option.

I came out of school with eleven GCSE’s, an A level and a BTEC, whereas a lot of my friends from the other school came out with around 7 GCSEs each. I didn’t make any friends for life at school, but as I got older and saw my friends also get older, we all changed and I realised that they became the type of people that I wouldn’t have stayed friends with in the real world anyway. I took a chance and it turned out to be for the best.

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